The problem with keyboard traps

Keyboard traps occur when a website visitor is tabbing through a web page but gets stuck somewhere in the middle.  The visitor gets stuck and can never see the end of the web page.  They might be missing something important.  They have no choice but to close the web page because they can’t use it.

Only recently we discovered that this happens on web pages with Facebook widgets.  I’m not saying it’s only Facebook, it might be happening with other widgets too.  We’re looking for a solution.  The obvious solution is to simply remove the widget that’s causing the trap.

I initially thought this would be easy to fix but it turns out to be more difficult to fix than I realised.  It’s also a far more significant problem than I realised.  I nearly missed spotting the problem.  We do these very important tests all the time but sometimes it’s not obvious finding a bug like this one.  If you have a solution to this problem that you think would help fix this problem please let me know.  I thought maybe some javascript could fix it.  I’m using WET 4 at work.

It got me thinking about what other sorts of traps there might be on the web when using your browser.

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