Ever wonder how people come up with such crazy ideas and then express them in silly posts like the ones you see on this site?

The website you are looking at is the tip of iceberg.  Below the surface there are currently dozens of posts being worked on and considered by a team of experts in their given fields of study.  They are diligently reviewing the ideas expressed, refining the concepts and making sure that they are supported by evidence.  Sources available upon request but are typically expressed as links within the posts.  Some ideas expressed might be self-evident while others might sound unconventional and require elaboration and further reading.
We are always looking for readers and contributors willing to read early drafts of these ideas to evaluate posts for comprehension, clarity of expression, accuracy, and coherence.  Further, the posts that have already been posted are ‘living’ posts that will change over time if new information or clarification is required.
If you would like to participate in this way or contribute new ideas to this forum let me know.