You Silly Wabbit!

Why is track 12  named “:(){ :|:& };:”?

That line of special characters consisting of some colons, a semi-colon, parentheses, brackets, braces and an ampersand is what is known as a fork bomb or wabbit.  This tiny bit of code will replicate itself like a couple of rabbits until it uses up all of your computer resources and your machine crashes.  You would need to type this into a terminal window for it to execute (not a good idea).  To read more details on how it works check out this Wiki article.
When I was creating track 12, the sound from the ‘retro space lead’ synthesizer I was using made me think of a recursive loop.  That is when the fork bomb name came to mind.
Interestingly, when this title was uploaded to the iTunes store, certain characters were stripped out and you end up with only this line: [::&];:  Typing this into a terminal window will give you the following response: ‘-bash: [::: command not found. In other words, it’s completely harmless.
There are some variations between music stores, the Google Play store shows the title as () [:|:&];:  I’m guessing the programmers added a rule that you can’t start the name of your song with a colon (:) because that might be confused with the same character that is  sometimes used in the path name to denote a directory.
At Amazon you end up with :() [:|:&];:  Different software with different rules on how to handle special characters but they all do pretty much the same thing, protect their data from getting messed up.  It seems for whatever reason that all stores swapped the squiggly braces ‘{}’ for brackets ‘[]’.

Where can I find out more information about punctuation marks?

Please try the

Background Noise 4 Geeks

Over the next few days I expect ‘Background Noise 4 Geeks‘ will be hitting online music stores including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and  Spotify.  The album was made to listen while you’re otherwise concentrating on code or such. There are no words on this album.  Less talking more noise! 😉
The album cover is a photograph of the ground in Iceland. Such colourful crushed volcanic rock can seemingly be found all over the place.  This particular spot on the ground was east of Grindavik in the Southern Peninsula.

Track List:

  1. Soundscape Take 1
  2. Redwoods
  3. Volition
  4. Heartbeat Trouble
  5. Synthetic
  6. Backseat Driver
  7. Funktional Solutions
  8. Smash Hit
  9. 00001001
  10. 10^(10^100)
  11. Anhelo
  12. :(){ :|:& };:
  13. Basic Income

That’s me.  a.k.a DJ Joberrr.  I’ve been making noise since I was just a squirt but only recently have I been sharing it with others.  I love to listen to music.  I often listen to funk, dance music and electronic sounds.  I was first introduced to the joyful experience of DJing by my good buddy Mitch who knows how to play a crowd.
Please enjoy responsibly.  Be careful not to play the noise too loud when listening to headphones or speakers especially for extended periods of time.
Guide to Safe-Listening [PDF]