Noise for Geeks is a surprisingly small niche

It could very well be that I’m just not reaching my audience yet.  It could also be that the audience I’m aiming for is very small or perhaps even non-existent.  Like whimsical fairies that flutter about listening for that song of the Sirens.  The sound of background noise isn’t your typical signal.

I’ve tried a couple of these ‘we’ll promote your song on the radio’ deals and well it’s hard to say if anything happened at all?  I probably need to make more videos.  I know, but in the meantime, you’d think there must be a way to get this music heard by the geek masses that are just waiting for such a marvelous treat.
I’m sure my audience is out there I just need to reach them.

Deep Ambient Agitation

Looking for something to keep you awake at night?

Want to relax?

Wind down from a busy day with a quick listen to this ambient track that might make you feel slightly agitated.  No sense being completely at ease!

I’m experimenting with SoundCloud.  So far, I’ve really enjoyed the fabulous selection of music on this site.
This track is made in part with the ever magical ‘Trope’ app made by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers (and with some additional synthesizers for good measure).