Can’t Stop Yourself from Singing?

If words suddenly pop into your head while you’re listening to this album, and you feel the urge to sing.  That’s super cool!

Be Courageous!

I hope that you can find the courage to record your voice and share it with others.  Please share it with me!  If you can, please send me a link and I’ll give it a listen.

Do you like one of the tracks but think it could be so much better?  Think that it should have a lot more _______________ or  without so much  ______________?  [please fill in the blanks].  Let me know in the comments.  Good or bad, but please don’t be too nasty, I’m just a kid [at heart].


This is a screenshot of the microphone I ordered from eBay.  That was weeks ago and it’s still not here!  How frustrating, but that’s ok, because it’ll just make it that much better when it finally arrives!

Then watch out!  Lyrics here I come!  Good grief.

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