I will babysit your Clash of Clans game 4 U

Finally I’ve found a job that is better than ‘Price checker at the dollar store’. The job title is Game Babysitter. In particular, I babysit ‘Clash of Clans’ the ever so addictive game filled with lots of clicking. Well, since it’s played on a tablet, that’s just touching, not clicking, you get the idea. Things happen, you touch the screen and then more things happen eventually. You have to wait for it.

But… if you don’t touch the screen then all sorts of evils await you. Everyone attacks you over and over again and you can’t keep up. You start to lose! Oh no! How retched a game that never lets you end the game.

No worries, I know how awful you must feel to let your little army of  clan men and women die of neglect. That’s why for a small fee I will take care of your digital village for you.  Keep in mind you must hand over your iPad or android device for me to look after.  Also remember that you have to eventually take your game of clans back from me.  I’ll only look after it for so long after that my service fee goes up.

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